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Danae Fasano Dehne is a ceramic artist and teacher. She expresses her soulful and intimate connection with clay through her process of hand building and wheel throwing rich earth toned organic garden sculpture and utilitarian ware. She was born in Massachusetts and raised in Connecticut, growing up amidst Italian and Scottish heritage. After receiving a BA from Skidmore College in 1984, she relocated to San Diego, honing her ceramic skills at Clay Associates under the guidance of Gerald Thiebolt and Eric Woods. Dehne is a host studio on the San Diego Pottery Tour, and an artist with The Mingei Collector’s Gallery and the Spanish Village Art Center. She was also a featured artist on the ABCTV show, The Art Show, in 2009. Her work is exhibited at Gallery 262, held in private collections nationally, and is available by appointment at her home studio. She lives with her family in the hills of La Mesa, CA.


My family and I have spent the last 14 years renovating our 1902 historic craftsman home and creating a drought tolerant native garden, which has been an inspirational force in my art. A passionate cook and entertainer, mother, hiker, and home decorator, my work is a personal exploration and developmental journey, therapeutic by nature... engage the mind, create with the hand, awaken the home. Clay brings balance to my connection to life which is influenced by nature and the environment, my belief in heritage and tradition, the arts and craft movement, and family relationships in the kitchen. I want my pottery to link people back to the heart of the home. My vision is to encourage family feasts, conversation, the tranquility of a cup of tea, farm to table, community, a garden stroll, and memories. All of these simple elements in daily life can be enhanced with hand made pottery.

My functional wares invite one to cook and entertain. My garden sculpture focuses on forms in nature: interaction, movement, texture, and strength, all to evoke mindfulness with the environment. My craftsmanship includes organic garden sculpture, urns, serving platters, wall art, and functional pieces which are meant to enhance the spirit, beauty, and domestic function of the kitchen and home…work from my hands and soul.

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